Sync / upload photos / videos in full resolution from iPhone to PC, iPad,… wirelessly !

Just found an amazing way to easily sync / upload my full resolution iPhone photos / videos to my PC, a friends PC , my iPad,… all with free apps !

First you need to create a free account on

After you created your free account you install the Dropbox app on any destination you ever wanna sync photos to. I installed the Dropbox app on my PC: and i also installed the free iPad Dropbox app: iTunes link to iPad Dropbox App
After installing these apps you need to fill in your Dropbox account username and password on your PC Dropbox installation and your iPad Dropbox app if you got an iPad off course 😉
Now all your destinations are ready to receive photos wirelessly !

Now install the free iPhone app Pixelpipe HD: iTunes link to iPhone app Pixelpipe HD
This app lets you sync media made on your iPhone to a lot of sources, including syncing / uploading photos in full resolution to your Dropbox account !
Ones you installed Pixelpipe HD you just need to select Dropbox in the settings and enter your Dropbox username and password.

Now when ever you create a photo or video on your iPhone you just open Pixelpipe HD and press the photos / videos you want to sync / upload to your PC, iPad,…

All this for free !

  1. September 10th, 2010

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