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Beeld en Geluid Antwerpen 6 & 7 maart 2010 – Events

Today i visited the AudioVideo2Day event:

Beeld en Geluid Antwerpen 2010

Here is a first introduction video:

They also had some very nice Vintage Electronics like a Onkyo amp from 1985 sold back then for 11.250 Euro’s, only 100 pieces were made… played on Klipsch Lascala speakers from 1963 and this all with a turntable bought in a secondhand store (De Kringloopwinkel) for 9 euro’s 🙂

In the next room i wanted to hear some standard music so i could make a good comparison… so rock it was… and i choose the BIG speakers 🙂
And boy was i amazed with the full rich sound of the GKF Ariane ! (3600 Euro’s for both speakers)

In this next video there was a demo of the Canton’s Chrono SL 580 speakers on a Advance Acoustic amp. I was very amazed with the performance of the Canton SL 580 ! It gave a very good sound for a price of 800 Euro’s for both speakers… i’m sure the (2000 Euro’s) expensive Advance Acoustic amp has something to do with that 😉

Next a small Marantz demo:

And a small Totem Acoustics demo:

XTZ had a very nice audio demo (from &
(sorry audio is automatically cut out by YouTube in this next video)

And then the very top of this event… McIntosh !
If you have 5 digits to spend on an amp and another 5 digits on speakers McIntosh is the way to go 😉
The sound from these amps with the XRT28 speakers that include 2 woofers, 20 mids & 16 tweeters a piece ! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

Photo Gallery:

If you like quality sound visit an event like this when you have the chance.
You won’t regret it !